Do you want to Earn Money passively mining bitcoin?
Join NiceHash the largest Crypto-Mining Marketplace today

Who is NiceHash?

NiceHash is the largest cryptocurrency cloud mining marketplace that connects sellers of hashing power with buyers of hashing power using the sharing economy approach.

The 2 Main ways to Earn Money with Bitcoin

Buy it

How to buy it?

The short answer is to find a bitcoin exchange. The challenge is that they're expensive and getting more pricier everyday. You also have to do your due diligence to find a credible exchange. Then when you buy 1 bitcoin you will have to continue to buy bitcoins to get more.

Mine it

How do you mine?

The cost of the equipment, energy consumption and level of competitiveness makes it very difficult for the average person to successfully mine bitcoin at home. 

The solution?

Join a bitcoin mining pool...the long-term benefits of this can have a positive generational effect on your family. With mining you continue to accumulate more and more bitcoin...unlike buying them where you'll just have what you bought. It's the difference between buying one gold bar vs owning a gold mine that continues to produce more and more gold.


NiceHash User

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"It's been working for me for a long time. I've been running several SP20Es and a RX 460 on their pool for months now and the pay is consistent and plentiful. Plus you get top dollar for your hash rate because of the way their marketing system works. Buying is the same, great as always. They're reliable and they haven't yet scammed me out of anything." 


NiceHash User

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"I am fairly new to mining, but based on my initial experience, it seems NiceHash does have higher returns." 


NiceHash User

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"I have started with them since late last December and I am very happy with their stability. The payouts never miss and everything runs smoothly. Regarding their benchmark algorithms in many rigs of mine (usually the RX 480/580 rigs) takes a bit longer time to benchmark compared to Nvidia GPU-s but that's my finding. It is a perfect software and you don't need to convert your earnings to bitcoin as they pay in bitcoin." 

Best of BOTH worlds

With Nicehash you have them

Sell Bitcoin Computing Power

Do you have cloud computing power you want to sell?

Why sell with Nicehash?

Trusted brand with regular payments
  • More than 557,000 daily active miners
  • Trustworthy service operating since 2014
  • Free software, guides, and support
  • Payments from once per day
  • Earn Bitcoins for every share
  • Payouts from 0.001 BTC
  • Start and stop when you want
  • Connect an unlimited number of mining machines
  • Fully anonymous

Do you need to buy computer power to mine bitcoin?

Why Mine with Nicehash?

The fair approach to cloud mining pay as you mine without upfront payments

Start with 0.005 BTC

Minimum order price is 0.005 BTC for every algorithm.

Mine on your favorite pool

You decide how and when you want to buy hashing power and which pool to direct it to.

No contracts, no risk

Cancel at any time and get your remaining funds back with no cancellation fee.

Real-time statistics

Follow your workers and their performance.

Fast delivery

Massive hashing power in a short amount of time.

Valid shares only

Never pay for dead, faulty configured rigs or invalid shares.

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